Health comes first. Likewise the life on land, maintaining a healthy life in the seas is one of the basic human rights of everyone.Infirmaries are built on many commercial and military ships in order to save the health of the personnel working on the ships and to continue their treatment in case of injuries until they reach the land and hospitals. In some military or commercial ships, as in cruise ships, areas similar to hospitals are created depending on the number of personnel and the characteristics of the work performed, and operations can be performed at the surgical level in these medical areas. ÜNOKS provides services in the marine sector in operation areas, infirmaries and laboratories by benefiting from its experience in the medical field. With the philosophy of 'Health Comes First’, it manufactures products with its own design concept including sterilization and work benches, sterile sinks, medical cars, lockers and dressing cabinets in medical areas where sterilization is a must. Being not only limited to surgical fields, it also designs and manufactures sterile field units such as clean field shelves, packaging benches and lightened folding tables.

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