While the importance of nature and sea in our lives is emphasized increasingly every day, we encounter more damage caused by marine pollution to the ecosystem, sea creatures and human health. Unfortunately, "The main cause of pollution in the seas is terrestrial waste."

Waste Management Systems that collect, process, store and dispose of wastes constitute an important part of ship life.

ÜNOKS offers Waste Management Systems in accordance with the principles of "Sustainable Environment" and "Sustainable Development" to its customers and marine industry.

Our Dry Waste Management Systems reduce the volume of several types of waste such as glass, plastic, cardboard, aluminum cans and sterilises other sorts of waste such as food. With its easy use and short cycle times, it is one of the indispensable support units of our sailors.

Ship galleys are dynamic business areas that operate continuously and keep in constant contact with the crew due to the cycles of food production and waste collection and disposal.

ÜNOKS Food Waste Management Systems ensure the destruction of waste and hygiene of the environment without causing any biological deterioration and unpleasant odor; it reduces the workload of kitchen staff.

We consider CHUTE Systems, which enable easy transportation of waste and elimination of the risk of contamination, as an important part of Waste Management and present it to our maritime world as an opportunity to achieve the development of Waste Management Systems.

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