The Lure of Historic Shipwrecks and Underwater Cultural Heritage
Beneath the vast expanse of the world's oceans lies a hidden mosaic of history, a submerged archive of human civilization's past endeavors, triumphs and tragedies. Resting in the silent depths, historic shipwrecks are time capsules preserving moments frozen in disaster and time.
24 APRIL 2024
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The Importance of Women in the Maritime Industry
The maritime industry, traditionally dominated by men, is witnessing a transformative change as the importance and contributions of women are increasingly recognized. The inclusion of women in the maritime sector is not only a gender equality issue, but also a strategic necessity for the growth and sustainability of the sector.
19 APRIL 2024
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The Critical Role of Waste Management in the Maritime Sector
As the indispensable backbone of global trade, the maritime industry is increasingly under scrutiny for its environmental impacts.
14 APRIL 2024
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World's Largest Ports
The world's largest ports serve as crucial hubs for international trade, connecting continents, countries and cities. These massive gateways manage billions of tons of cargo every year, playing a crucial role in the global economy. Let's take a look at the world's largest ports.
08 APRIL 2024
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The World's Largest Ship Design Companies
The global maritime industry is not only about the construction and operation of ships, but also fundamentally about their design. The world's leading ship design companies play a pivotal role in shaping the future of maritime transportation by ensuring that ships are safe, efficient and able to meet the demands of modern trade and environmental standards.
01 APRIL 2024
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The Role of the Maritime Sector in Global Trade
As an indispensable part of the global economy, the maritime sector forms the backbone of international trade and logistics. More than 90% of world trade is conducted by sea, making maritime transportation a critical component in the supply chain of goods worldwide.
24 MARCH 2024
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Ship Kitchens from Past to Present
A ship's galley, also known as a galley, has always been the heart of a ship, providing nutrition and comfort to both sailors and passengers. The evolution of ship kitchens from past to present is a fascinating journey that reflects the technological, cultural and culinary changes in maritime history
15 MARCH 2024
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Europe's Largest Shipyards
The shipbuilding industry is a very important sector in Europe, with a rich history and significant contributions to both local and global economies.
03 MARCH 2024
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Guide to Efficient Equipment for Ship Laundries
When making long voyages at sea, ship laundries play a critical role in ensuring that living spaces remain clean and hygienic. It is therefore essential that ship laundries are equipped with efficient and reliable equipment.
05 FEBRUARY 2024
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Energy Efficiency in Ship Kitchens: How to Choose the Right Equipment?
In the depths of the seas, ship galleys are vital spaces for catering to food and beverage needs. But operating these galleys brings with it a huge challenge, especially in terms of energy consumption. Energy efficiency is key to both protecting the environment and reducing operating costs.
02 FEBRUARY 2024
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Evolution of the Maritime Industry in the Last 50 Years
The maritime industry, a centuries-old catalyst for trade and cultural exchange, has undergone significant transformations over the last fifty years. This period has seen unprecedented changes in technology, regulation and global trade patterns, reshaping the maritime industry landscape.
15 JANUARY 2024
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Which Equipment Should be in a Ship's Kitchen?
In the blue of the seas, ship kitchens are special places where delicious meals are prepared. Although being at sea has its challenges, a well-equipped ship's galley adds to the enjoyment of the voyage. So, what are the basic equipment that a ship's galley should have?
05 JANUARY 2024
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