With 30 years of experience in the sector, UNOKS has been manufacturing products for laundry equipment, galleys, cold rooms and wet areas of ships since its establishment in 1993 and has been providing turnkey equipment for these areas since then.

The types of vessels we serve include military vessels, factory fishing vessels, ferries, offshore vessels, seismic research vessels and cruise ships.

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    23 JULY 2024

    Our favourite activity is barbecue party!

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    03 JULY 2024

    Among our strategic goals, contributing to our sector is one of the main aims of Ünoks.



    16 JANUARY 2024

    As Unoks, we have signed a contract with Tersan Shipyard for the 90.65 meter long Factory Freezer Trawler t...

Commercial vessels navigating the high seas, such as cargo ships, tankers, cruise ships and fishing vessels; need a system or systems while cruising that work perfectly for washing, cleaning, ironing and preparation for reuse of their personnel's laundry as well as textile products such as bed linen, pillow covers and duvet covers used in their living quarters. Different from commercial ships; as naval ships can be in combat during their voyage, they have special areas such as infirmary. Among the laundry of their personnel and textile products used in their living quarters, they also need a system or systems that work perfectly for the washing, cleaning, ironing and preparation for reuse of the textile products used in infirmary. In addition to Turkish Naval Ship projects, ÜNOKS carries out the design, production of laundries and the assembly of them in the living areas on the ship for commercial ships of all classes serving in international waters. It is proud of taking part in passenger ship projects, which are being carried out for the first time in Turkish shipyards.

FAQ We have some FAQs to inform you further

What equipment should be present in a ship laundry?

A ship laundry should include the following equipment: • Washing machines • Drying machines • Ironing machines • Presses • Detergent dosing systems • Ironing boards • Dry cleaning machines • Other cleaning materials and equipment (e.g., detergents, softeners, cleaning cloths, etc.) These equipment are necessary for ship personnel to clean and dry laundry. Additionally, the laundry equipment on board helps maintain the ship's hygiene standards and enhances the comfort of passengers and crew.

What are the warranty terms for your products?

The warranty is determined according to the customer's request at the contract stage. For example; if a date is specified as 12/18 months for delivery, the warranty period is 18 months after the device is delivered, and if the warranty is requested after the delivery of the ship to the customer, the warranty period is 12 months. Household appliances are not suitable for ship use, so no warranty is given for them. Consumables and electronic materials are not covered by the warranty.

Do your products have certificates?

The stainless steel products we manufacture have stainless steel certificates. 18/8 304 CrNi stainless steel sheets are used in our production. All products are accepted with a certificate. Certificates of the products requested by the customers, such as MARPOL 5 certificates for garbage disposals, are given to our customers.

Can you provide information about installation services?

The assembly of all the products we provide is done by us. The water, sewage, and electricity connections required for the devices are provided by our customers' plumbing contractors.