Many wet room elements that stand together with the main products or units in living spaces and make life easier are products designed and produced by ÜNOKS. In addition to well-known products such as personnel dressing compartments, wardrobes, escabos, ÜNOKS provides clothes, boots and glove dryers for the use of personnel working in open areas even in rainy weather conditions, especially in open sea fishing vessels. In this way, a hygienic dressing environment and therefore personnel health are guaranteed. Hand wash sinks designed by ÜNOKS are compact products that are produced as double, triple or according to different number of users compliant with customers’ demand and wet area sizes. Advanced hand washing sinks using photocell water faucets and soap dispensers are hygienic products that enable personnel to clean their hands without any contact. Accessories designed by ÜNOKS which add energy and dynamism to wet areas are used on many ships. The mirrors, in which stainless sheet plates are used, are designed to prevent injuries due to glass breakage during combat in military ships. Other accessories such as soap dispensers and shelves not only provide hygiene with their easy-to-clean features, but also colourise wet areas with their visual superiority.

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