The master chef of the kitchens of ÜNOKS attaches importance to food hygiene in it’s projects.

"Cooler group products" produced by ÜNOKS, which ensure the storage of food products in suitable conditions, facilitate the long-term storage of foods with the right choice and customer-oriented project design.

The "preparation equipment" we produce in accordance with hygiene standards enable preparation for cooking processes without reducing the nutritional value of foods...

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FAQWe have some Frequently Asked Questions to inform you more

Do your products/equipment have certificates?

The produced stainless products have stainless steel certificates.
We use 18/8 304 CrNi stainless steel sheets in our production. All products are accepted with certificates.
If the certificate of a product is required, it is given to the customer; e.g. Marpol 5 certificate in garbage disposals.

What do I need in my ship galley?

According to priority order; cooking, preparation, washing and storage equipment should be found in the ship's galley. These products and equipment should be selected by considering the customer's demand and needs and should be suitable for ship use. Devices should be selected as ship type devices and stainless steel equipment should be selected as ship type equipment.

Yacht galleys have the same configuration as the ship galleys. High segment products are used because the outlook is at the forefront.

Naval vessel galleys are also have the same configuration as the ship galleys. The area of mariners’ daily stored food which will be kept should be determined and cabinets with a master lock mechanism should be considered for the storage of damaging materials and products such as knives.

What are the terms of guarantee for the products/equipment?

Guarantee period is determined according to the demand of the customer during the contract phase. Guarantee period covers 18 months following the delivery of the equipment, if it is stated as 12/18 months for delivery. If guarantee is demanded following the delivery of a vessel to the customer then the guarantee period is 12 months. There is no guarantee for the household appliances as they are not appropriate to be used on vessels. Consumables and electronic devices are not covered by the guarantee.

Can you provide information about your installation service?

All the products/equipment supplied by us are installed by Ünoks personnel. The water, contaminated water and electrical connections required for the devices are provided by our customers' subcontractors.
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  • Crab Harvest Fishing Vessel at Tersan Shipyard


    22 November 2020

    We are pleased to announce that we have signed a contract with Tersan to supply the galley, scullery, laundry equipments

  • Supporting Gender Equality


    25 June 2019

    As Unoks, we support women employment and gender equality. #iamonboard #genderequality

  • Live Fish Carriers at Sefine Shipyard


    10 July 2019

    Unoks will supply galley and laundry equipments to 6 pieces of 3500 CBM Live Fish Carriers which are being built