User Agreement

Update Date: 22.06.2021 is a website established to promote the Company's products.

This User Agreement has been prepared between Ünoks Endüstriyel Paslanmaz Ürünler Sanayii Ticaret Limited Şirketi operating in Istanbul Deri Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Yansanayi Caddesi, No:3, YA4 Özel Parsel, Tuzla, Istanbul and the Users who benefit from the services offered on the Website or visit/access the Website, in order to determine the conditions for the Users to benefit from the services provided by the Company.

This Agreement is concluded between the Company and the User. In this Agreement, the User and the Company will be referred to separately as "Party" and together as "Parties".

The User accepts and declares that by visiting/accessing the Website, regardless of whether he/she benefits from the products or not, he/she has read all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, understands its content in its entirety and approves all its provisions electronically.

This Agreement has been created in order to regulate matters that are not included in other texts prepared for the purpose of using the Website with the Users, especially the terms and conditions that must be complied with in any case while providing services or using the Website even if the services are not provided.

The subject matter of this Agreement is the terms of use of the Website and the rights and obligations of the Parties.

The Website constitutes a whole together with all its sub-components and domain names and all services such as http, https, ftp, dns, database, mobile, IOS, Android, e-mail, API and similar services and all kinds of documents, photos, videos and similar files uploaded on the application are subject to the provisions of this Agreement regardless of where they are physically hosted.

Users start to use the Website by accessing the Website interface. The User has a limited right to use the Website under the conditions defined in this Agreement and its annexes and within the legal limits.

Users accept and undertake to use the Website in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force, ethical rules and all rules and laws regarding the use of the internet.

For any reason not caused by the Website (infrastructural and/or hardware reasons, etc.), there may be interruptions in communication between the Website and the User and decreases in service quality due to technical problems such as any error, negligence, interruption, deletion, deterioration, delay in transmission or communication network failure. The Company cannot be held responsible for any problems that the User may experience during interruptions in communication and access to the Website due to these interruptions.

While visiting and using the Website, Users accept, declare and undertake that they will not take any actions contrary to the following laws and morals, including but not limited to the following. The Company does not undertake that the service it provides is continuous, quality, accurate, uninterrupted, error-free or virus-free or does not contain viruses or other harmful components or defects. The Company does not have any responsibility and/or compensation obligation for any damages arising from a possible violation under this article.

Acting contrary to the provisions of the legislation in force and the regulations regarding the use of the internet,
Failure to provide up-to-date and accurate information about oneself, using information belonging to another person obtained unlawfully,
Obtaining or attempting to obtain Users' information unlawfully,
Illegally changing, using or attempting to change and use the information published by the Company,

Violating the personal and intellectual property rights of the Company and/or a third party,
Uploading, sharing, publishing any content that is unlawful, obscene, violates the privacy of others, pornographic, contains or depicts nudity,
Acting in a way that damages the reputation of the Company and/or a third party or hindering the Company's activities,
Transmitting information that is illegal to transmit and/or sharing harmful data such as chain mail, software viruses,
Sharing unlawful and/or immoral posts that violate the rights of third parties and constitute unfair competition, including but not limited to those listed,
Engaging in behaviors and activities that will adversely affect / hinder the operation of the Website,

engaging in behavior that manipulates the operation of the Website, interfering with security systems, and Making the Website unusable by preparing automatic programs or attempting to do so.
The User accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she will not reproduce, copy, disseminate, distribute, transfer, process the pictures, texts, visual and audio images, files, writings, statistics, information, contents, databases, catalogs and lists, databases, catalogs and lists on the Website in violation of the Company's real or personal rights, personality rights, intellectual property rights, property rights or any rights related to goods or services that may be subject to intellectual property rights.

The Company may limit or stop access to the Website at any time without notice in the event that the operational security of the network is in danger, the continuity of access to the network, to prevent malfunctions that may occur in the network, software or stored files, to prevent or reduce the impact of possible disruptions and in other cases deemed necessary.

The User acknowledges that the Website is owned and operated by the Company. The content of the Website is included and protected under the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works. As a rule, the Company is the exclusive right owner of any software, design, source code, object code, index, image or content on the Website. The User accepts, declares and undertakes not to violate any intellectual and industrial property rights of the Company on the Website.

The User agrees, declares and undertakes that he/she will not reverse engineer or take any other action for the purpose of finding, obtaining or copying the source code of the Website, violate the security of any computer network, break security encryption codes, attempt SPAM mail or malware, otherwise he/she will be liable for any damages arising before the Company and third parties.

The Company may at any time terminate all or part of the Website, which forms the basis of the Agreement, without prior notice and without giving any reason whatsoever.

The Company may, at its sole discretion and unilaterally, amend the Agreement at any time it deems appropriate, effective as soon as it is announced on the Website.

Turkish Law shall apply to the management of legal relations arising from the application and interpretation of the Agreement and each separate article. Anatolian Courts and Execution Offices are authorized to settle any dispute arising or that may arise from this Agreement or each separate article.

The Agreement comes into force from the moment of visiting the Website.

This Agreement, including all such matters agreed between the Parties, supersedes all prior written and oral arrangements between the Parties.