The cleaning of passenger ships is done more frequently and more sensitively than commercial ships. Passengers stay in closed environments for a long time and constantly move inside the ship due to the circumstance. The biggest problem caused in the living space is the decrease in the quality of air and the transmission of infectious diseases as it is enriched with micro-organisms. It is not possible to provide high air quality, to eliminate heavy odors, bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms in the air with ordinary cleaning systems. With conventional vacuum cleaners used on ships, the ambient air is circulated and the microparticles remain in the environment due to ordinary filters. The Central Vacuum System is more efficient (easier to use), safer and more environmentally friendly than conventional cleaning systems. With MTS – CVC, the ambient air is vacuumed and all particles and organisms are cleared from the ship. In this way, it is possible to ensure that passengers with respiratory problems, allergic reactions or asthma sufferers are protected from all kinds of bacteria while breathing clean air.

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