Our Philosophy

ÜNOKS has adopted a 'customer-oriented' management approach since the first day of its operation. Customer orientation guides our ‘boutique production' philosophy, which starts from the design process of the projects and is existent in all processes from production to assembly. Making a difference with details forms the basis of ÜNOKS' production and service philosophy.

Our Mission

Our vision defines where our journey is headed; it is our guide in determining our goals and purpose we will reach.
OUR MISSION; defines the route of our journey. It determines the ways to reach our vision, shows the works and tasks to be done.
If the vision is future, the mission is today.

Producing “CRUISE” kitchens;
UNOKS has always determined its goals since the first day it was founded and proceeded accordingly. It has successfully fulfilled goals such as switching from industrial kitchen production to the galley sector, taking part in military ship projects, and doing business in the international arena.

It is the mission of our organization to strengthen the institutional structure of our organization and add value to our "learning organization" to produce "Cruise" ship galleys, which differ from other industrial kitchen productions with its production techniques and technologies and require an institutional structure.

Improving together;
We know that we have to learn and share knowledge in order to develop together.
“Our most valuable resource is our employees.” is more than a slogan for us and it is our basic mission.

We support foreign language training of our employees. Enabling our employees to be able to take part in international business and to communicate adequately in at least one foreign language is our basic human resources mission.
Our partners are factors that directly affect our way of doing business. Quality is the most important criterion in our supplier selection process within the framework of our vision of quality. We aim to work with companies that prioritize customer satisfaction and quality. We set goals to develop together with our suppliers through joint work and move towards these goals.

Keeping up with technological developments;
Our current product group is included in the group of “superior quality” products defined by our customers. This is achieved not only by our employees at the "master" level, but also by the fact that technological machinery and equipment that are involved in the production process.
To keep the machine park up to date; to maintain our production power with the support of up-to-date technologies by making improvements in existing machinery and equipment as a result of our KAIZEN philosophy, as well as adding new machinery and equipment to the inventory in accordance with technological developments are part of our missions.
It is impossible to stay away from the digital world.

Digitization of only production machinery and equipment is not enough. We benefit from the digital world in our way of doing business, in our communication process and for the visibility of our company in the social field.
Benefiting from up-to-date technologies in all our processes, such as taking advantage of digital opportunities in marketing activities, is the main subject of our mission.

Environmental awareness is our basic philosophy;
Our “Green Factory” vision will be defined as the most important goal of our lives during the creation of our own workplace. In our existing atelier activities, studies based on protecting the environment are supported.

Protecting nature, renewable energy and recycling are our main goals ahead of our missions.
The priority in actions for improving working conditions is the use of technologies that protect the environment.

Our Vision

The journey must have a purpose, the journey must be made to achieve a purpose. You either decide where to go or it is determined by the winds and waves.
UNOKS has created its vision in line with the purpose and objectives of its establishment and has developed it with reviews at every step. Our vision defines where our journey is headed; it is our guide in determining our goals and purpose.
Our vision is expressed not by slogans and a single sentence but in the titles that most accurately describe us on which we base our corporate structure on.
Our vision is expressed not in slogans and a single sentence, but in the titles that most accurately describe us and that we base our corporate structure.

A learning organization;
Building and developing a learning organization represents our vision of growth and communication.
We are aware of the results of a perfect corporate structure and we proceed towards in this direction.
We aim for an organizational structure that is suitable for new business areas and targets as well as fits with our target of increasing.
Cruise galleys are the most important business areas we desire to be in, and profiles suitable for this sector forms the basis of our organizational structure.

Quality first;
There is a price-cost-oriented structure in the industrial kitchen sector, which excluding ship galleys. For this reason, our target customer group consists of customers who attach importance to "Quality", open new horizons for our organization in every project, enable us to reach better targets and add value to our learning organizational structure.
We do not compromise on quality.
Our "Quality" philosophy determines our partner company selection criteria as well as our products and service understanding. In this sense, all devices and equipment in our projects are products selected from high-end manufacturers.
We aim to enable our employees to become more corporate and quality-oriented, and we seek to learn and apply quality systems.

Being a part of the developing world;
The developments that the world has shown in the last twenty-five years are more than what has been experienced throughout its known history.
The use of digitalization and advanced technology products is becoming widespread in many areas such as production devices and equipment, transportation and transportation vehicles technology, communication.
A livable and green world that will be left to the future constitutes our priority vision framework.
We aim to continue our business with the philosophy of respecting the environment by benefiting from the latest technological opportunities.

To be a visible and recognizable company;
Our company background of nearly thirty years has enabled us to become a well-known company by our stakeholders.
We desire to create job opportunities for young job-seeking population and become a leader for them.

We would like to carry out projects with high added value in new business areas and to be known in every sector of our interest.
UNOKS should now be better promoted and be easily accessible. This constitutes the continuous promotional vision of our company.

Our Values

  • We share our vision and goals with our success-oriented employees.
  • Our employees are our companions. We share with them our achievements and the values obtained as we develop. Our employees are our stakeholders who have a say in our vision, whose opinions are valued while shaping the future of our company. As our company develops, we also aim to develop our employees, who match their vision with ours, by training them.
  • We see our customers as our invaluable stakeholders from whom we will learn new technologies, who will improve our business and us.
  • Every day our customers, to whom we have been serving for decades, expand and we perceive every project that includes new products and improves the way we do business as the most important business opportunity.
  • We carefully maintain our value of being a reliable company that we have created in the market for years.
  • We are a highly credible company. The financial trust we provide to our customers and suppliers also provides job and salary security of our employees.


Our vision and mission determine our management principles. Our way of doing business is determined by our management principles.
“Customer requests” determine our direction from the first day to the last day of each project. 30 years of experience and the opinions of expert personnel are taken as basis in order to take the project beyond customer requests. Having a learning organization and integrating young and dynamic staff into our experienced and ageless team are our main strategies.

Since our customers come from anywhere in the world, the responsiveness of our global management approach has been the most important of our management principles.
It is part of our mission to expand our business areas and to deliver our products and services to different sectors. We have two basic requirements in order to produce with higher quality and more affordable costs.
The first requirement is to have employees with whom we can improve together. We want to move forward with employees who can easily adapt to the developing conditions, have sufficient infrastructure and/or will have this equipment with the training they will receive in a short time. Continuously improving the values we have is the main policy of our training process.

It is possible to keep up with the changing world conditions by integrating our employees into the developing world, keep the machinery park up to date and follow the latest technologies.
Machines, devices and equipment with new technologies are added to our existing machines and systems, which are constantly developed with the KAIZEN philosophy, when necessary.

In terms of working conditions, we work with the principle of protecting nature and not polluting, and attaching importance to brands with “green technology” in new investments.
Big goals and big dreams can be achieved with the right organizations, hard work and an ideal vision. UNOKS will continue to advance on this path for its goals.