After 40 years as a leading manufacturer of food waste disposers to the marine industry, Disperator’s experience and dedication has resulted in the unique reliability required for extreme conditions.

Disperator food waste disposers within the Excellent Series hold the Declaration of Compliance issued by DNV verifying compliance with applicable sections of MARPOL consolidated edition 2011/2012 ANNEX V.

Disperator Catalogue

FAQWe have some Frequently Asked Questions to inform you more

When was Disperator founded and for what purpose?

Disperator was founded in 1980 in Denmark to produce industrial kitchen waste management systems.

What is Disperator's core mission?

Disperator's core mission is to produce environmentally friendly and sustainable waste management systems and provide innovative solutions to reduce waste in industrial kitchens.

Which industries does Disperator serve?

Disperator serves a wide range of industries such as industrial kitchens, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals and the marine industry.

What are Disperator's products and services?

Disperator offers various products and services for waste management in industrial kitchens. These include waste disposers, waste scrapers, stainless steel sinks and worktops, systems and accessories for food waste management.

How does Disperator differentiate products for marine use?

Disperator manufactures products for the marine industry that are resistant to marine conditions and corrosion and that will serve safely under heavy working conditions.

Which certificates do Disperator products have?

Disperator garbage disposers are DNV certified, which shows that the products comply with Marpol Anex V.

What can be said about Disperator's customers?

Disperator's customers are primarily maritime companies, but also many hotels and restaurants around the world.