• More than 800 customers in 62 countries.
  • A track record of deliveries on more than 12,000 ships.
  • More than 40 years of experience.
  • Privately owned.
  • Offices in Sweden, the US, Korea, Finland and Singapore.
  • Agents and representatives all over the world.
  • Nearly 2,000 products in 16 categories for galleys and laundries.
  • Service reachable 24h worldwide


FAQ We have some FAQs to inform you further

What is LOIPART and what does it do?

LOIPART is a company that provides hardware, equipment, and service solutions for marine use.

What products and services does LOIPART offer?

LOIPART offers a wide range of products and services for ships, including kitchen, laundry, refrigeration, ventilation, waste management systems, and other equipment.

Where is LOIPART headquartered? LOIPART is headquartered in Sweden.

LOIPART is headquartered in Sweden.

In which countries does LOIPART operate?

LOIPART operates in many countries worldwide, with its headquarters in Sweden. It has its own offices in the United States, Singapore, South Korea, and Finland. In addition, it continues its activities in many countries around the world with representative offices and authorized services.

How does LOIPART serve its customers?

LOIPART provides various services to its customers, including pre-sales consulting, project planning, installation, service, spare parts, and training. Its factory that can produce products according to USPH standards is located in Finland.

Who are LOIPART's customers?

LOIPART's customers come from various sectors such as ship operators, shipyards, ship owners, and the maritime industry.

What values does LOIPART hold?

LOIPART holds values such as quality, customer focus, innovation, and sustainability.

What is LOIPART's perspective on technological innovations?

LOIPART has an open perspective on technological innovations. The company continually improves its products and services by offering its customers the latest technological solutions.

What steps does LOIPART take towards sustainability?

LOIPART actively works towards sustainability. The company makes an effort to design and produce its products and services sustainably.