Energy Efficiency in Ship Kitchens: How to Choose the Right Equipment?
02 FEBRUARY 2024


In the depths of the seas, ship galleys are vital spaces for catering to food and beverage needs. But operating these galleys brings with it a huge challenge, especially in terms of energy consumption. Energy efficiency is key to both protecting the environment and reducing operating costs. So how do you choose the right equipment to ensure energy efficiency in ship galleys? Here are some tips:


1. Pay Attention to Energy Efficiency Certificates

When choosing equipment, look for models with energy efficiency certifications such as ENERGY STAR. These certifications show that appliances meet certain energy-saving standards and save costs in the long run.


2. Choose Multifunctional Equipment

Space limitations are a characteristic of ship kitchens. Multifunctional equipment combines multiple functions in a single appliance, saving space and optimizing energy consumption.


3. Use High Efficiency Cooking Equipment

Industrial induction cookers and convection ovens consume less energy than traditional cooking methods. They also increase energy efficiency by shortening cooking times.


4. Increase Efficiency in Cooling Systems

Refrigeration equipment is one of the biggest energy consumers in ship kitchens. By choosing modern, energy efficient coolers and freezers, you can significantly reduce energy consumption. In addition, regular maintenance of chillers is critical in maintaining their performance and energy efficiency.


5. Acquire Water-Saving Equipment

Saving water is directly related to energy efficiency. For example, water efficient dishwashers reduce both water consumption and the energy required for heating.


6. Smart Energy Management Systems

The use of intelligent energy management systems in ship galleys allows you to monitor and control energy consumption. These systems optimize energy use and prevent unnecessary consumption.


7. Personnel Training

No matter how efficient the equipment is, it is important that kitchen staff are aware of and trained in energy conservation. Proper use and maintenance maximizes the energy efficiency of the equipment.

Energy efficiency in ship galleys starts with the right choice of equipment. Efficient equipment reduces operating costs as well as reducing environmental impact. The strategies mentioned above help ships manage their galley operations in a sustainable way. The selection of energy-efficient equipment, use of multifunctional appliances, preference for high-efficiency cooking methods, optimization of cooling systems, acquisition of water-saving equipment, integration of smart energy management systems and staff training are key components of this process.