Rational manufactures combi ovens, compliant with marine conditions, for passenger liners and naval ships with its over 40 years of experience. Rational brand combi ovens, guaranteed to operate with full functionality and provide user safety even in extreme conditions, have been approved by Germanischer Llyod and are in compliance with hygiene standards defined by USPHS.

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FAQWe have some Frequently Asked Questions to inform you more

What are RATIONAL's products and in which sectors are they used?

RATIONAL manufactures combi ovens in different sizes and specifications. These products are mainly used in sectors such as cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, bakeries and supermarkets.

What innovations does RATIONAL have in terms of kitchen technology?

RATIONAL develops smart kitchen technologies. For example, the iCombi Pro can automatically adjust cooking times and optimize the cooking process thanks to its intelligent sensors. Furthermore, thanks to iCookingControl technology, the appliance can monitor every stage of the cooking process and provide users with real-time feedback.

How are RATIONAL products designed and manufactured?

RATIONAL is a company dedicated specifically to professional kitchen equipment. As mentioned above, its products serve sectors such as cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, bakeries and supermarkets.

What kind of technical support and training services does RATIONAL offer to its customers?

RATIONAL offers its customers technical support and training services. These services are designed to help customers use and maintain their devices correctly. In addition, RATIONAL offers training programs to ensure that customers get the most out of their devices.

What steps does RATIONAL take with regard to sustainability and environmental protection?

RATIONAL attaches great importance to sustainability and environmental protection. The company uses innovative materials and energy-efficient technologies to design its products sustainably. In addition, RATIONAL strives to minimize waste in the production process and contributes to recycling programs.