Guide to Efficient Equipment for Ship Laundries
05 FEBRUARY 2024


When making long voyages at sea, ship laundries play a critical role in ensuring that living spaces remain clean and hygienic. It is therefore essential that ship laundries are equipped with efficient and reliable equipment. Here is a guide to efficient equipment to choose for ship laundries:


Industrial Washing Machines

High Capacity and Durable: Washing machines to be selected for ship laundries should have high capacity and be resistant to sea conditions. In addition, models with high water and energy efficiency should be preferred.


Drying Machines

Energy Efficiency: Dryers are as important as washing machines. Energy efficient dryers help reduce operating costs.



Efficient and Powerful Ironing Systems: Professional ironing systems for ship laundry ensure fast and efficient ironing of clothes and textiles. Steam irons and ironing boards easily smooth even difficult fabrics.



Organized Storage Space: Quality cabinets are essential for the organized storage of clean laundry. Cabinets that protect from moisture and provide easy access are indispensable for ship laundry.


Stacking Shelves

Effective Space Utilization: Effective use of limited space is important in ship laundries. Stacking racks are ideal for the organized sorting and storage of both clean and dirty laundry.


Laundry Basins

For Pretreatment and Stains: Laundry basins, which are used for pre-treatment of particularly difficult stains, have an important place in ship laundries. Thanks to these pools, the laundry can be cleaned of stains before entering the machine.


Dirty Laundry Hoppers

Hygienic Storage: Dirty laundry containers are essential for the organized and hygienic collection of dirty laundry. Different compartmentalized hoppers facilitate the sorting of laundry according to type.

The efficient and effective operation of ship laundries directly affects the quality of life on board. The above-mentioned equipment guide can help to best equip ship laundries from both an environmental and operational point of view. The choice of efficient equipment both reduces costs and ensures a more sustainable life at sea.