Our Philosophy

ÜNOKS has adopted a 'customer-oriented' management approach since the first day of its operation. Customer orientation guides our ‘boutique production' philosophy, which starts from the design process of the projects and is existent in all processes from production to assembly. Making a difference with details forms the basis of ÜNOKS' production and service philosophy.

Our Mission

We are an organisation that adds value to all its stakeholders, applies its success in the ship galleys sector, of which it is the leader, to other target business areas, and always aims at 'better'.

Our Vision

To make the ÜNOKS brand known in the sectors in which it operates and to increase the share of export within its current turnover to 30%.

Our Values

  • We share our vision and goals with our success-oriented employees.
  • Our employees are our companions. We share with them our achievements and the values obtained as we develop. Our employees are our stakeholders who have a say in our vision, whose opinions are valued while shaping the future of our company. As our company develops, we also aim to develop our employees, who match their vision with ours, by training them.
  • We see our customers as our invaluable stakeholders from whom we will learn new technologies, who will improve our business and us.
  • Every day our customers, to whom we have been serving for decades, expand and we perceive every project that includes new products and improves the way we do business as the most important business opportunity.
  • We carefully maintain our value of being a reliable company that we have created in the market for years.
  • We are a highly credible company. The financial trust we provide to our customers and suppliers also provides job and salary security of our employees.